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7 comprehensive beauty tips with baby powder to save a lot of money on cosmetics

Baby powder has many effects such as deodorizing the body, helping the lipstick to last longer and the skin to be smoother and brighter...

Deodorize body

You can completely use talcum powder instead of rolling underarms by pouring talcum powder into your hands and then rubbing it evenly on the skin under your arms. This simple way to both absorb sweat and eliminate unwanted "scents".

In addition, if you want to completely reduce unwanted "scents", you can apply talcum powder according to the formula: 1/2 teaspoon talcum powder + 2 tablespoons white wine (40 degrees). Stir the talcum powder to mix with the alcohol and then use a cotton pad soaked in this solution to rub it evenly on the underarm area. After rubbing, leave it like that for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with water.

"Camouflage" for greasy hair

If your hair is often sticky due to sweat... you can also use talcum powder to quickly improve this problem. With just a little talcum powder on hand, you can "disguise" immediately for greasy hair. You just need to sprinkle a little of this ingredient on your hair, then use a comb to brush the talcum powder to absorb all the moisture and oil from your hair. After only 2 minutes, your hair will return to its bouncy beauty.

Helps thicken and curl lashes

To apply this trick, you need to prepare an old mascara brush, rinse and let it dry. When applying makeup, you just need to take a mascara brush and dip it in baby powder and brush it evenly on your lashes, then continue using mascara as usual.

This tip can also be applied to eyebrows by using an old mascara brush to brush the talcum powder on the eyebrows before applying it to help the eyebrows look thicker and more even.

Helps lipstick to last

First, you need to gently exfoliate your lips. Then apply lip balm on your lips and pour a little talcum powder into your hand, lightly dab the talcum powder with your fingertips and cover it evenly (or use a brush to brush it through a thin layer of tissue). Finally, you can apply your favorite lipstick on your lips to have a perfect lipstick color and not be afraid of lipstick drift.

Use as an oil-control powder

If you have oily skin and often feel very miserable with the shiny oil on your face, the chalk is sticky... then baby powder will "save" for this problem.


After applying cream, primer and foundation, use a powder brush to evenly spread a thin layer of baby powder on the skin. This talcum powder layer has the effect of absorbing moisture from the layers of creams, foundation and oil control which is very good for the skin. At the same time, the layer of white talcum powder also replaces the use of powder.

Leaves skin soft and smooth

Simply apply talcum powder to your skin after a bath - like applying it to a baby - and you're done! Doing so in a short time, you will feel your skin softer and smoother. 


Make skin whiter

Besides helping to make the skin smooth and soft, baby powder also works to make your skin whiter. To care for the skin with baby powder, you can use this product as a body powder.

Accordingly, after applying sunscreen, you can apply a layer of baby powder to help your skin look whiter and more even. In addition, applying baby powder after using sunscreen also helps sunscreen to last long and control oil for the skin.

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