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7 foods that destroy collagen, causing sagging skin

Foods with a high glycemic index, milk chocolate or drinks containing sugar and alcohol are the 'culprits' that cause wrinkles on the skin.

1. Foods with a high glycemic index

Consuming a lot of refined carb foods causes the skin to lose collagen, which makes it easy to sag.

Foods with a high glycemic index such as cookies, bread, pasta, and baked goods contain refined carbs that damage collagen molecules. The ingredients of these foods contain starch, which contributes to the increase of AGEs, breaking down elastin fibers, destroying collagen, causing sagging skin, forming wrinkles.

2. Foods containing artificial sweeteners

Food containing artificial sweeteners such as soft drinks, diet sauces, fruit juices, etc. can also cause problems for the skin. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners affect hormones, causing acne. Excess sugar particles bind to collagen and elastin through glycation, resulting in AGEs. This process causes the elastin and collagen fibers to lose their flexibility and elasticity, causing the skin to lose its firmness.

3. Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is a healthy food when you choose chocolate with cocoa content of 70% or more. Chocolates that are high in milk and sugar can increase the risk of acne flare-ups. Excess sugar and fat content promotes sebum production, which stimulates inflammatory responses in the body, increasing the risk of acne breakouts. Not to mention, the sugar ingredient in this product will destroy collagen in the skin, causing wrinkles.

4. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks damage collagen supply, causing skin to sag. Soft drinks often contain a lot of phosphate, which makes the skin thin and accelerates the aging process.

5. Drinks containing caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic, and drinking too much can dehydrate the skin. Dehydrated skin will easily dull, saggy, making you look older than your age. However, many studies have shown that polyphenols in coffee can help prevent the appearance of age spots, slowing down the signs of aging. The way to drink coffee and still keep the skin healthy and beautiful is to not add sugar or milk, drink no more than two cups a day and drink a lot of filtered water after drinking coffee to rehydrate the skin.

6. Alcoholic Beverages

Vitamin A - a very important antioxidant in the body is lost when you consume alcoholic beverages. This drink also increases the formation of free oxygen radicals, destroying skin cells, causing collagen fibers to weaken and break. Alcohol also reduces the resistance of the skin, making the skin more sensitive, prone to redness and allergies.

7. Processed meat

Processed meat is often high in nitrates, which can dry out the skin and impair collagen production. This food also increases skin inflammation, which leads to many other serious dermatological problems.

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