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7 steps to get perfect makeup like rookie Gen 4 Newjeans

The most prominent feature of all 5 girls every time they appear is the thin, smooth foundation, makeup like no makeup.

Launched not long ago, NewJeans has received a lot of attention and love from the people. The 4th generation group is different from the sophisticated and gorgeous makeup concepts that are often seen in, but chooses a natural and gentle makeup style. The most prominent feature of all 5 girls every time they appear is the thin, smooth foundation, makeup like no makeup.

Makeup experts revealed that to apply a beautiful background like NewJeans is not difficult, you just need to pay attention to the following tips to ensure success.

Clean skin

First, focus on cleaning the skin. You should use a facial cleanser, clean thoroughly and carefully to remove dirt, excess oil, sebum ... remaining on the skin. The skin must be clean, the foundation must be new and adhere to the skin for a long time. Thus, the foundation is more convenient, the skin is no longer dirty, thereby increasing the smoothness of the foundation.

Massage with lotion

Use a moisturizer (containing hyaluronic acid) to create a rich base of moisture to prepare for the next step. Massage the skin gently with the cream, especially in the eye bags to fully moisturize the skin. Make sure that the moisturizer is evenly spread over the skin.

Mix primer and sunscreen

The secret to creating a natural base is that products must be applied to the skin. Therefore, before applying the foundation, it is recommended to use an extra step of primer so that the foundation after hitting it will be very smooth and matte. Lee Nakyeum often uses a highlighter, pink color. Instead of applying separately, mix primer and sunscreen together to give the skin a natural glow.

Use 2 background colors

Use 2 colors of foundation light - dark for different skin areas, as a way of contouring to create an extremely natural face. Focus on foundation that is darker than real skin on the outer areas of the face, leaving the line from between the eyebrows to the lips.

The skin areas just left above and in the middle of the face that need to be lightened like the T-zone, Lee Nakyeum will use a foundation that is lighter than the real skin tone, spread the foundation with a sponge, using the force of the hand to apply the foundation. real files into the skin. The light-dark contrast in the foundation color used between the skin areas helps the face become slim.

Bright color concealer

If your skin still has dark spots, puffiness or redness in the T-zone, use more light-colored concealer for areas of skin with defects. Concealing light color helps to smooth the skin, hide imperfections on the skin naturally.

Highlighter mile

Use highlighter to highlight the T-zone and tip of the nose. Under the flash of photo shoots or red carpet events, the highlighter will help the face stand out, and the skin will also have a natural look.

Fix the background with powder

Apply a natural color powder to help neutralize the skin tone, more importantly, keep the foundation from slipping off. Place the powder brush towards the outside of the face, and gently brush it to spread the powder evenly on the skin. Without powder, the foundation will go away very quickly, the skin will also be oily, so don't forget this step.

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