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8 glasses of water with each time frame every day to help beautiful skin, beautiful figure

You can even lose up to 5kg if you regularly schedule to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Providing the necessary amount of water each day is not only extremely important for your health or skin. You can even lose up to 5kg if you regularly schedule to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Thanks to the trick to set a schedule to drink water every day, weight loss becomes easier. Not only that, drinking enough water every day will also smooth white skin, improve a lot of aging wrinkles. Just one operation to set a schedule to drink water every day, but the effect brings integrity from your body to your skin.

Drink it right after waking up early in the morning

After a deep sleep, the body will lack water, so when you wake up, you should immediately drink a glass of water, this will help burn excess fat and calories effectively and clean your stomach.

Drink at 9 am

9 am is the time when you have just finished breakfast, drink a glass of water to clean your mouth, stimulate digestion, the body metabolizes energy faster, the calories consumed are consumed quickly to avoid accumulation causing problems. weight gain.

Drink at 1:30

The third glass is drunk before lunch, drinking water before meals helps the stomach to be stimulated, feeling a little full, so it tends to eat less, supporting extremely effective weight loss.

Drink at 1pm

After lunch, the stomach and body begin to digest, drinking water at this time will help the digestive system in the body work better, avoiding the accumulation of food or nutrients that easily cause belly fat.

Drink at 3:30 pm

At this time, the craving for snacks rises, you need to immediately provide your body with a glass of water to soon get rid of this thought. This is also the time when the body is transforming to clean the small intestine, drinking water will help clean the intestines, which is both good for health and supports effective weight loss.

Drink at 5:30pm

The time to end a working day and prepare to go home, this is also the time when you easily feel hungry and sluggish after a working day, drinking a glass of water will help you relieve hunger, help your body stay awake and help you relax. more tired to go home to prepare for dinner.

Drink at 7pm

At 7pm after dinner, drink another glass of water. The amount of food eaten in the evening needs to be metabolized before going to bed and drinking water will definitely stimulate the digestive system to work more efficiently.

Drink at 10 pm

Drinking water at this time will help blood circulation and always at a stable level. The body is still metabolizing energy, so it will not worry about excess fat accumulation or calories that have not been consumed.

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