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8 ways to fire for thin, tangled hair to become more attractive

The following ways will improve your dry, thin, flat hair to become thicker and more attractive.

Cut short hair

It's clear and specific, hair length strongly affects how thin or thick hair looks. The mid-range bob hairstyle with the ends curled is the constant weapon of those who unfortunately have thin hair. If you don't believe it, try looking around to see who has more hair between people with short hair and long hair.

Multi-layer cutting

Layering hairstyles is also a good way to trick the eye. However, you also need to be careful not to "pick up" yourself a "lion mane" hairstyle. You should go to large, trusted salons that are guaranteed for a long time to experience this hairstyle.

Dyeing hair light color

The lighter the color, the less dark, the smoother the hair will appear.. If you don't dare to go for too prominent colors like platinum or "unicorn" Opal, you can try light brown or smoky gray ombré. This is a quick and long-lasting way to thicken hair in the look.


Another miracle for thinning hair is curling. Similar to multi-layered styling, curls deceive the eye in terms of thickness, look at the hair also in a fold, cover the tangled areas if you have not combed your hair.

Do not abuse chemicals

Styling chemicals such as gel sprays/waxes can damage hair if overused and not cleaned carefully. These are also the number one cause of scalp fungus. Once you have fungal and dandruff, it will be difficult for you to regain the soft, fluffy hair like when you were a child. Stay away from chemicals, prevent hair loss is a way to make hair thicker from deep inside.

Fluffy bangs

You can inflate with a roller or simply a blow dryer and curler. If you want to have a "chic" look, you can also brush your hair up like how many stars still use it on the red carpet.

Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a "salvation" for girls with oily hair, especially when traveling long distances and do not have good hair care conditions. However, this is not a product that should be used every day because it can cause dryness.

Hairdryer tips

Blow-drying hair in the direction from bottom to top and layer by layer from the inside out not only helps the hair dry thoroughly, but also creates shine and volume for the hair. Next time you blow dry your hair, try this method to see the amazing results.

Surely everyone wants to have beautiful and bouncy hair, but sometimes due to weather problems or styling, it gets messy. Therefore, immediately pin the above tips to ensure a neat appearance.

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