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9 simple tips to turn thin or sticky hair into thick and bouncy

You can completely improve your thin, greasy hair with simple methods.

Everyone wishes to have thick, shiny and bouncy hair like playing with the wind. There have been many times when women have to be exhausted when trying to deal with thinning hair due to breakage, or not knowing how to cope when in a bad situation. Here are 9 effective solutions to overcome thinning hair that you should pin.

Horizontal roof cutting

A little volume at the hairline, along with the youthful horizontal bangs will also cover the protruding forehead or the bald spot, the hair grows thin in the front of the forehead. After Lisa wore her bangs and blow-dried her hair, the volume of her hair seemed to have changed dramatically.

Light curls

Curls that are lightly curled and left loose naturally will highlight the contours of the face. After drying or perming, you can comb the side part to make the hair look thicker. The process can be finished by spraying a little glue to hold the hold.


Blake Lively styled her hair in a ponytail with the ends slightly messed up, braided and decorated with glittery ties. Even when the hair at the top of the head is smoothed and pulled back, the overall hair looks very thick.

Use a mouse to puff up your hair and then blow-dry and style it

Many girls apply mouse to puff their hair but forget about drying and styling to activate the active ingredients in the product. Without this operation, the product will only exist on the hair for a short time, not fully promoting its use.

Change hair part

The manipulation of the hair part helps to increase the volume of the roots and the hair shaft, minimizing the condition of the hair being flattened and hugging the scalp. You can split the hair 5:5 to help cover up the rough jawbone, or change the 6:4 or 7:3 part to make the overall face more harmonious and beautiful.

Cut hair ends with

Scarlett Johansson tried this and succeeded in trimming a few centimeters of hair. You can use a hair dryer or an electric comb to puff your hair, styling it a little bit for a "different foam".

Dry shampoo

This is definitely a savior for girls who have oily, dusty hair but can't wash their hair right away. Spray dry shampoo 20cm away from the roots and then use a comb to smooth the hair.

Use a deep cleansing shampoo

If your hair looks heavy and lacks bounce, chances are it's clogged with silicones from styling products. Over time, they build up and make curls heavier, so you need to use a deep cleansing shampoo.

Choose the right hairspray

Hairspray with a high concentration or shine can make hair feel heavy, flattening close to the scalp. Choosing a light-textured liquid shine spray is the way to ensure your hair is shiny, smooth, and has the volume you want.

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