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Before going to sleep, what should girls do to take care of their beauty?

It only takes a few minutes to take care of your beauty and your beauty has improved a lot.


Eyelash care

Eyelashes after a tiring day will need a lot of care. After removing makeup and washing your face, take time every night before going to bed to take care of your eyelashes by using eyelash care products or you can also use coconut oil to care for your eyelashes.

Use Baking soda for clean white teeth

A clean white teeth will definitely help you to be more confident when communicating. In addition to brushing your teeth every night before going to bed, you can use baking soda mixed with toothpaste and then brush thoroughly for about 1-2 minutes, this little tip will help remove plaque and help your teeth. you become white.

Coconut oil for healthy hair

Coconut oil is an effective method for dry and damaged hair, just take a sufficient amount of coconut oil, gently rub both palms and then gently stroke the ends of the hair, then gently massage the scalp and let it dry. Overnight will help your hair become shiny and strong. In addition, the daily use of coconut oil also helps your hair grow faster.

Facial massage before going to bed

Facial massage before going to bed not only helps blood circulation, but also helps the nutrients from the lotion penetrate deep into the skin to effectively nourish the skin. Spend 10-15 minutes before going to bed to massage your face, just 1 week of regular massage will surely see a difference in your facial skin every time you wake up.

Use Vaseline to moisturize lips, elbows and heels

Moisturizing the lips, elbows and heels is an important skin care step before going to bed. A plump lips will help you be more confident when choosing a lipstick color for every working day, carefully cared for elbows and heels will help you confidently wear short-sleeved outfits or shoes. Stylish high heels.

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