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Causes of skin aging and how to treat it

People living in heaven and earth go through four main stages of life: birth - old age - illness - death. At a certain age, our body will begin to age including internal organs, skin and hair.

Skin is an important part to help protect the body from the bad effects of the environment including rain, wind, sun, heat and cold... As a "soldier" who persists in working for many days, the skin will encounter problems like acne, pigmentation and aging. Proper understanding of aging and reasonable skin care is the optimal solution to help us overcome this situation and last longer than our youth.

Skin aging consists of two main phenomena: intrinsic skin aging and environmental skin aging

Intrinsic skin aging


Intrinsic skin aging is an almost uncontrollable problem that can only follow the laws of nature. Anti-aging genes in the body play a role in balancing the regenerative and degenerative processes. As the degradation becomes more intense, the aging process begins.

Environmental aging of the skin

Today, the more modern science and technology develops, leading to an increase in pollution. Our skin is exposed to chemicals, dust and especially ultraviolet rays from the sun. With age, our skin will gradually lose its ability to protect itself from UV rays leading to freckles, melasma, brown spots, age spots. On the other hand, consuming a lot of alcohol, smoking is active and passive also causes skin damage and premature aging at a faster rate.

It is necessary to have a sense of protecting the skin by avoiding exposure to the sun for too long, using sunscreen, building a healthy lifestyle from a young age is the best way to slow down aging. Time to apply advanced technology with suitable anti-aging skin cream products or anti-aging skin drugs.

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