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Experts point out 6 types of foods and drinks that make the body age quickly

Nutritionist Gu Chuanling said that sweet sugar, processed foods, etc. are foods that greatly affect collagen structure, cause inflammation, speed up aging, so eat as little or no food as possible.

Foods high in sugar

Consuming a lot of cakes, candies, soft drinks ... containing a lot of sugar will increase the glycation process, degrade collagen and eslatin structure, make the skin lose elasticity, quickly sag.

Refined Carbs

Eating a lot of refined starches such as white rice, instant noodles, white bread... also increases the glycation process, making it less ideal for both skin and body shape. Should be consumed in moderation or changed to whole grains to protect health and slow down the aging process.


Eating a lot of red meat can complicate inflammation in the body. In addition, red meat when cooked at high temperatures also produces end products of glycation, which contribute to accelerated aging.

Instant food

Processed and canned meats such as sausages, smoked meats, salted fish... also contain more inflammatory substances than raw red meat. Besides, they also contain a lot of sodium and additives to maintain the shelf life, so they should be eaten in moderation.

Trans fat (trans fat)

Trans fats are formed through the hydrogenation of cooking oils, often found in fried foods, junk foods, etc. These dishes not only affect weight but also make the skin prone to acne and deterioration. elasticity.


Alcohol when consumed in excess also seriously affects the skin, as they dehydrate the skin, cause dryness, increase irritation, redness of the skin and accelerate skin aging. Besides, the habit of drinking coffee with cream, milk... is also not recommended because lactose is a sweet food, greatly affecting collagen structure.

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