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Experts reveal tips to walk properly to help your legs slimmer

Walking in the right way, with correct technique and perseverance will help your legs become slimmer.

For those who want to have a fit, slim body and want to practice walking, they are very interested in whether walking a lot makes their legs bigger or not. In fact, walking in the right way, with the right "technique" will make your legs slimmer, leaner and toned.

How to walk to slimmer legs

From an average of 3 - 5 km/h, you can increase your walking speed to 6 - 8km in just 1 hour which means you increase your walking speed. The longer you practice, the greater the pressure and help to burn excess fat, even the legs, will reduce the amount of fat in the calves, thighs, etc. to help slimmer.

You can walk as often as 3-5 days/week. Each walking session can last for at least 20 minutes. Pay attention to choose specialized clothes for exercise and sports that have good elasticity, absorb sweat and create a comfortable feeling when walking.

When walking, it is important to note these 4 things to prevent injury
Need a good start

You can start with exercises to stretch muscles, rotate ankle joints, raise thighs… Performing a warm-up screen before walking for about 3-5 minutes will help you enter the game better.

Do not stride too long

Long strides can make you move faster but also make you tired faster and easily cause shin splints, even muscle injuries because of constant impact on it.

Don't accelerate too fast

Walking fast as well as the wide stride above, easily causes muscle aches and injuries for the practitioner, besides, it also makes us quickly lose water and lose strength. If working out by walking, start short, gradually increasing the distance but always reminding and restraining yourself at a moderate pace.

Don't stop constantly

Walking is a gentle activity, so many people often think that walking is for health. If you are tired, then take a break and continue. This is a serious mistake because when you have exercised, you need to be persistent and maintain it regularly for the best muscle groups and fat to be burned. If you keep resting continuously, the muscles and fat that are in the process of burning will be "cooled", affecting the process of muscle gain and fat loss.

The most effective walking technique and posture

Head and Shoulders: Keep your head straight, balanced between your shoulders and facing forward, eyes parallel to the ground. Relax your shoulders but don't protrude and shrug.

Abdomen: Keeping the abdominal muscles slightly contracted, the torso is upright without leaning forward.

Hips: Keep your hips moving to the rhythm of your steps. If you practice taking longer strides than usual, make sure your hips are moving as naturally as possible.

Arms: Elbows should be kept close to the body, keeping a 90 degree angle. Keep your hand relaxed, your hand slightly loose.

Feet: Use the front of your foot and toes as stepping stones to push forward. The most comfortable landing part.

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