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Fix itchy dry skin with just a few tips to do at home

The air in the summer is often sultry, the skin becomes dry and sensitive; Many people suffer from allergies, itching is very uncomfortable. Not only because of the weather but also many other causes of this situation such as: exposure to detergents, insect bites, side effects of some treatment drugs, etc.

Let's learn the tips below to get rid of the dry itchy feeling, return the skin to soft, comfortable comfort.

Do not shower with hot water


Bathing with hot water makes the skin dry, more sensitive to environmental factors.

It is true that bathing with hot water makes your body very comfortable, really relaxing, but this is also one of the reasons why the skin is increasingly dry, peeling dead cells. Hot water washes away the oil layers that lock in moisture, keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Take a bath with warm water because they also bring a feeling of relaxation, cleansing and better moisture balance for the skin.

Carefully consider the choice of shower gel

Soap-containing shower gels often have an abrasive effect, continuously killing cells even when they are not old, as a result, the skin is increasingly thin, weak and sensitive, easily irritated by external agents. .

On the market today, there are many types of specialized shower gels for dry, sensitive skin; They do not contain bleach, foaming chemicals and artificial fragrances. In addition, in the process of bathing you should avoid rubbing vigorously as this can cause the skin to dry and crack more deeply.

Shaving must also be properly done

Improper shaving will cause many small wounds, easy inflammation and loss of the protective oil layer on the skin.

Improper shaving not only causes dry skin, but also leads to an infection caused by the razor.

You should do it right after bathing, at this time the hairs are soft, less forceful and easier to shave; should use sharp razor blades with creams, shaving gels along the direction of the hairs. Pay attention to change the blade regularly to limit irritation.

Increase moisture

Many products do not have a thorough moisturizing effect, so dry itchy skin still does not improve. Spend more time choosing quality creams, lotions or mineral oils from reputable brands.

To reveal more to you: Quality moisturizing products often contain large amounts of ceramide, glycerin, stearic acid, olive oil extract, shea butter, etc. The best regeneration, nourishment and protection for dry itchy skin, always fresh, smooth and full of vitality.

Sunscreen for skin every day and anytime, anywhere

Outdoor activities cause the skin to be damaged by the sun, aging quickly becomes dry, wrinkles become deeper and darker. You need to use specialized sunscreens for dry, sensitive skin to protect your skin as soon as possible.

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