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How to protect dry skin?

The sun causes a lot of damage to the skin and body, so sun protection is essential for everyone. The question is how dry skin must be protected from the sun to be most effective, read the article below to know the answer.

What do you know about your skin?

Don't be sad when your skin is dry skin, because this is not "uncomfortable" skin like sensitive skin, combination skin. Dry skin has low moisture, so the surface is quite rough, easy to peel off the tiny layers of dead cells.

Dry skin is skin that has an imbalance of moisture due to a lack of water molecules inside the cell layers.

Dry skin due to lack of large amount of water molecules, wrinkles appear more and deeper; At the same time, the outer skin protective layer becomes less and less active because the number of dead cells exceeds the number of new cells born. This skin has a unique advantage that it rarely breaks out.

Comprehensive sun protection for dry skin

Nutritional supplement

Regardless of the skin, the source of nutrition from food still plays an extremely important role. The nutrients help strongly promote the production of new cells, heal and strengthen the resistance of old cells, minimizing cell death; Improves water retention, skin moisture balance.

The nutrients will build a strong protective barrier from the outside to help protect against harmful factors such as UVA, UVB, radioactive rays; skin is always fresh and healthy.

Drink enough water

Dry skin is dehydrated skin. Therefore, regularly replenishing water helps skin become soft, moisture is balanced. The presence of water molecules also supports the process of eliminating toxins, improving cell structure, which is faster and more convenient.

Drinking 2.5 liters of water a day improves moisture, enhances the absorption of nutrients, helps your dry skin to be fresher and healthier.

Limit exposure to harmful sources

You should minimize sun exposure, before going out, use accessories such as hats, sunglasses, long coats to reduce some of the effects on the skin. But the source of harm is not only that, it is also radiation waves, light from computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices. Balance work time and rest and entertainment by listening to music, practicing yoga instead of playing computer games.

Use sunscreen products

If you choose sunscreen as your sun protection solution, you should choose specialized products of reputable brands, containing high moisturizing ingredients to both protect against the sun and nourish the skin. Remember to apply enough amount and use regularly to bring the effect of sunburn as you want.

What if you are too busy? Sunscreen pill is the best suggestion for you, it only takes about 30 seconds to use the product, your skin has been fully protected for many hours. This is a measure of sun protection from within, stimulating the skin's own defenses against harmful agents.

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