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If you want to lose weight and effectively burn fat, don't forget this 3 no - 4 yes principle

To lose weight effectively, properly and for good health, you should immediately remember the secret 4 yes - 3 no below.

3 no need to memorize

Do not sit or lie down after meals

Sitting and lying down after meals will cause the body to accumulate excess fat. Therefore, after a meal, you should do light exercise, go for a slow walk so that your body has time to digest food, avoiding excess fat, causing weight gain and belly fat.

Do not skipping meals

Skipping meals will affect the body's digestive system, and also make us tend to eat more at the next meal. You need to control your weight by building a scientific diet, eating in moderation with a diet rich in green vegetables.

Do not eat close to bedtime

Sleep makes the digestive process hindered, food difficult to pass through the intestinal wall, the stomach has to work harder, and can lead to ulcers, gastric reflux. Food stored in the stomach is also stored as fat, causing excess fat accumulation. Therefore, you should not eat too close to bedtime.

4 need to memorize

Drink a lot of water

Drinking enough water also has a positive effect on weight loss because it will help increase metabolism, create a feeling of fullness, and effectively limit snacking. Therefore, when building a weight loss diet, you should drink a lot of water. You should divide 2 liters of water evenly throughout the day, avoid drinking too much water at once.

Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits

Eating a lot of green vegetables with abundant fiber also helps promote bowel movements and control calorie intake. You should build a diet with 7 servings of vegetables, 3 servings of meat, or a balanced meal with 1/2 green vegetables. When processing vegetables, you should choose less oil, less salt, less sugar; Focus on boiled or steamed vegetables to ensure no vitamin loss.

Monitor your weight regularly

Weight will reflect how effective diet and exercise are. That's why you should check in weekly to make sure your weight loss plan is on track. If your weight is not improved, you can also timely make an adjustment plan and also rely on it to balance your health.

Exercise regularly

Maintaining a regular exercise routine of 15 minutes a day will improve your physique effectively. If you do not have much time to attend specialized fitness centers and classes, you can take advantage of your free time by doing simple exercises such as climbing stairs, jumping rope, jogging, swimming...

With just the above in mind, it will be easier for you to keep fit or regain your stable weight.

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