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Lazy sun protection but still want to have beautiful skin, what to do?

Many girls often confide in Class of Women that they want to have beautiful and healthy white skin, but they are ... very lazy to apply sunscreen and apply masks for many reasons. So how to solve the problem of both sides here? Let's find out what the solution to this problem is.

Among the list of sunscreen cons, it's okay not to be lazy

You want to protect yourself from the sun, but wearing a jacket, hat, and glasses is not effective. They say that applying sunscreen takes a lot of time, not to mention the inconvenience, oily skin, clogged pores, irritation, redness, itching ...

Being irritated with sunscreen ingredients is indeed an inconsolable obsession of many people.

Using sunscreen, they have to find products that are suitable for their skin, for their own face and body. And finding the right ice cream between the "matrix" is quite a feat. Girls with sensitive skin, oily skin, acne prone to irritation with sunscreen ingredients, spend several times more time than sunscreen with many solutions.

Time to apply sunscreen each time takes 5 minutes for the face, 10 minutes for other skin areas, you still have to wait 15 minutes for the cream to penetrate into the skin before going out if you want them to work; but can only resist ultraviolet rays for about 3 hours only. To protect the skin continuously you must apply more than 1 time / day. On average, you spend 1 hour a day on sunscreen.

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