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Makeup tips for round faces

Makeup secrets to help her round face hide flaws and own a perfect V-line face

The V line chin trend is stirring up both Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. The beauty standard of this year's face is the elegant slimness that is making the lady with a round face even more self-deprecating.

The solution for a round-faced girl is not to rush to decide to never show up, but shine with the following makeup secrets:

1. Do not apply round blush

Instead of the traditional blush with pink tones and concentric circles, use orange blush and brush in an oval shape from cheek to ear. This blush will help you have a slimmer face.

2. Highlight the T-shaped area

Using highlighter to highlight the T-zone including forehead, nose bridge, eye bags and chin will make your face brighter and significantly smaller. Should choose highlight product lighter than your original skin color 2 tones is the best!

3. Hat-shaped eyebrows

Low-top eyebrows and wide curvature are one of the top factors that make your face look rounder. Instead, invest in hat-shaped eyebrows, light brown color combined with dark eyeshadow will make the face less round.


4. Orange or pink lotus lips

Lips are an important highlight on a woman's face, so choose lipstick with bright colors such as orange, orange pink or lotus pink and a little lip gloss or shimmer to make a youthful highlight.

5. Draw cat eyes

If you have a round face, then choose eyeshadow with natural colors such as light brown, orange pink will make the makeup look natural. At the same time, drawing a cat's eye with an eyeliner at the corners of the eyes to the corners of the eyes and at a 45-degree angle will make the eyes look long, impressive and make the face much more elegant.

6. Hairstyles

Try short bob haircuts, slightly curled hair at the ends or smooth straight hair because they will help your face appear more elegant and slim. Avoid having your hair cut at chin- or shoulder-length as it will draw all eyes to this area and denounce your chubby face.

7. Foundation

Choose a makeup foundation that is one tone darker than your skin tone and apply the trick of using dark colors on your cheekbones, on both sides of your face to close to your hair and jaw area to make your face look slimmer. .

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