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Natural makeup tips to help her enhance her beauty on Autumn day

The natural beauty trend affects all aspects of social movement in 2022 and is loved by many people.

Thin and light base layer

- Choose a primer with shimmer and light tone to make your skin glow from the inside.

- Foundation with liquid foundation (skin tint) is the optimal choice than foundation (foundation) with high coverage or tinted moisturizer (tinted moisturizer). Because liquid foundation both helps the foundation to be transparent and stays on the skin for a long time.
When applying the product to the skin, use your fingers to spread the foundation evenly as the temperature of the fingers helps to increase the melting effect for a natural foundation like a second skin. You only apply foundation at the places that need to catch the light on the face such as forehead, cheekbones, chin and then use a damp sponge or damp brush to spread it around.

Eye makeup concealer

Puffy eyes, dark circles are often known as the result of a sleepless night. With makeup, we can fix that.

- Use a thin layer of peach color and apply a very thin amount under the eye bags. This not only helps you balance the gray-blue color of dark circles, but also gives the face a natural youthful pink color.

- After sharpening, use a concealer of moderate thickness. Do not choose a thick concealer with high coverage for the eye area because this is a very thin skin area with many wrinkles.


- Concealer that is too thick does not necessarily cover dark circles perfectly, on the contrary, it is also likely to be cakey when it dries or gets stuck in the eye grooves.

However, you should pay attention not to put the concealer directly on the skin under the eyes, instead, dot the concealer on your hand and then use a small brush to spread it. This will make sure you don't get too many imperfections, making the foundation under the eyes thick.

If you find it too difficult to use a brush, try applying concealer with your ring finger. This is the finger that exerts the lightest pressure on the hand, which will help conceal the concealer into the skin slowly without causing the skin to sag.

If you have a slightly sunken eyes, after concealer, you can use a lighter concealer to cover a small line into the sunken part to create a feeling of fullness.

Red cheeks

- After finishing the thin and light foundation like dew, do not apply powder immediately to fix. Use cream blush for a youthful rosy look.

- Need to buy a separate cream blush. Instead, you can use the same lipstick color you have (preferably cream lipstick) to mix with liquid foundation. This will not only help your cheek and lip color harmonize, but also benefit your pocket.

Pretty lips

To have a standard lip color, the first way is to treat the lip background with concealer or a nude lipstick first.

- If you want a Western-style plump lips, use lip liner. And if your style is a natural Asian style, then buy yourself a lipstick pencil.

- After you have a satisfactory lip, if you use cream lipstick, use a tissue to absorb the excess lipstick in the center of the lips to avoid the embarrassing situation of lipstick sticking to your teeth.

- For lips to last all day, use a thin layer of tissue paper, place it on your lips and then apply powder over that tissue. With this approach, normal eating and drinking will not harm your lipstick.

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