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Pocket 4 tips to goodbye to unpleasant acne spots on the nose

Immediately save the tips below if you are having a headache because your nose is covered with "unpleasant" acne spots.

Causes of nose acne

The nose skin area often has large pores and more developed sebaceous glands than other areas. Moreover, the rubbing and stuffiness caused by wearing a mask continuously during the epidemic period also contribute to acne on the nose.

In addition, acne on the nose is also a sign that your body is having problems. Depending on where acne appears on the nose, we can know about our health status. For example, acne on the tip of the nose is a sign of digestive problems, while acne on the sides of the nose is related to hormonal disorders.

How to "goodbye" nose acne?
Do not try to squeeze or touch the pimple

While acne and blackheads are fairly common and relatively easy cases of nose acne, acne, inflammatory acne and nodules are really scary.

You need to remember that arbitrarily squeezing acne is a taboo, especially for inflammatory acne spots because that will deeply damage the epidermis below and leave scars on the skin. Please be patient to use products containing salicylic acid, tea tree, ... so that the acne will gradually disappear or will gradually dry out and be easier to remove from the skin.

Exfoliate regularly

The key to improving nose acne is that you need to work hard to exfoliate more often with a chemical exfoliant containing AHA / BHA to remove the old horny layer on the nose.


In addition, if you are a fan of natural beauty methods, you can use coffee grounds or a mixture of brown sugar and unsweetened yogurt to exfoliate your nose. You can also apply a clay mask 1-2 times a week to help unclog the pores on your nose.

Review how to wash your face

Make sure the washing steps in your daily beauty routine are done properly so that the skin is always clean and clear. When you have inflammatory acne on your nose, you should limit the use of makeup remover cotton and apply strong pressure to the problem skin.

Use makeup remover wax combined with gentle massage with your fingertips to both remove dirt and not cause acne spots to be irritated or broken.


Makeup to cover acne

To prevent nose acne from becoming more serious, choosing the right cosmetics is extremely important. Start with an oil-free primer and concealer with a light texture to help your skin "breathe".

Also, instead of applying layer after layer to try to hide the red spots, apply concealer in a decimal shape and the intersection will be in the center of the pimple. Then, use your fingertips to spread evenly and gently pat the cream into the skin in the most natural way.

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