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Should I be accused of instant noodles with acne, the doctor's answer is surprising

Shrimp noodles are a favorite dish of many people because of its deliciousness and convenience. However, many women are concerned that eating instant noodles will cause acne, is that correct? Let's find out together!

Do instant noodles cause acne?

Answering this problem, Dr. BS Truong Hong Son - Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine, said that instant noodles are not the cause of acne as people often think. In fact, the nature of the acne mechanism is the result of many different reasons such as poor skin hygiene, causing the skin to secrete more oil, under the influence of the dusty, dusty, and sweaty air environment after the operation. into the skin, hormonal changes during puberty, pregnant women, women during menstruation.

There are also medical factors such as infection, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, or the use of drugs such as anti-allergy, antibiotics and pain relievers. Besides, the imbalance of diet, abuse of hot spicy foods, starches, lack of fiber can all be the cause of acne.

Meanwhile, a package of popular instant noodles is 75 gr, in which the main ingredient is powdered sugar from 40-50 grams; 10-13 grams of fat and about 6.8 grams of protein. Each packet of noodles can provide the body with 300-350 calories, equivalent to 15-17% of the daily energy requirement of an adult. From this ingredient list, we can see that there are no ingredients of instant noodles that are the culprits that cause heat to the body and lead to acne.

Why do some people get pimples when eating noodles?

The appearance of acne after eating instant noodles is due to the habit of eating noodles often accompanied by an unreasonable lifestyle, staying up late, using carbonated water or alcoholic drinks. The bad factors that gather together at the same time will cause metabolic disorders, leading to hormonal changes, the most obvious manifestation of which is acne.

In addition, those who regularly eat instant noodles are students, whose age is also affected by hormone changes during puberty. This change causes the sebaceous glands to be active, combined with dusty, polluted weather, heat, study pressure, unhealthy living habits and staying up late will increase the risk of acne formation.

Through the above, we can say, instant noodles are not the main cause of acne as many people think. If you are a noodle lover, don't worry about eating an extra packet of noodles that will cause acne. However, you should not eat indiscriminately, eat too much because although instant noodles are not the main cause, there are many other factors that, if combined, will cause acne.

How to limit the worry of acne when eating noodles.

No single food is nutritionally perfect, and no food is the cause of acne. So, instead of worrying about which foods cause acne, what we should do is follow a reasonable diet and exercise.

In the noodle dish you often eat, you can cook it with green vegetables and other nutritious foods to provide fiber and vitamins for the body, help the body exchange and metabolize well and make the dish more special. . In addition, you should also eat a lot of fruits, drink lots of water and participate in sports activities.


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