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Simple beauty tips to save time when busy

Simple beauty tips to save time when busy

Although busy, but women always have to be beautiful, readers try simple beauty tips to save time that anyone can do.

1. Put makeup remover right next to the bed. In case you come home late from work and get tired, you can finish it with your thumb, don't worry about acne

2. If you don't have time to make up your entire face, use lipstick to brush your cheeks, eyes and chin. No need to take a brush, but using your hands to spread it evenly, the color is very beautiful and natural


3. Highlight and contour the face by drawing the number 3 as shown in the picture. For highlighting, I use concealer 2 tones lighter than my skin, contour with concealer 2 tones darker than my skin. Finished with a neat face, bright eyes, high nose hihi


4. If you run out of liquid eyeliner but haven't bought it yet, use the brush tip to apply temporary mascara

5. Make your eyes look bigger and more awake by filling the inner lower eyelid with white or nude color


6. Keep the makeup during the day and use a cotton swab to spread eyeliner on the eyelids to the eyelids to create a smoky eye. Apply a little more powder and re-line the lip line is ok if you still need to go out in the evening. No need to remove makeup and make up again from scratch

7. If I haven't retouched the hairline yet, I can part my bangs and brush it up a bit to put less emphasis on the newly grown hair roots.

8. If you don't have time to wash your hair, sprinkle some baby powder on your hair, then brush or shake off the powder. The powder will absorb oil and make it easier for impurities to be removed as you brush your hair. If anyone is afraid to show too much, they should sprinkle it on their hair first to let it absorb the oil and then shake it off the next day and it will be beautiful.

9. Wet hair that doesn't have time to dry can be pulled up and then gone to work, when it's dry and then removed, there will be slight curls.

10. If you don't have time to curl your hair, braid your hair low and loose before going to bed, when you wake up, you will have light, soft wavy hair.

11. Before going to bed, rub your feet with lotion or oil (coconut oil, olive oil whatever you like) and put on socks, the next morning your heels will be dry and cracked.

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