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Simple tips to treat large pores

Simple tips to treat large pores

The following five simple steps will help you effectively shrink pores, especially the skin will be rejuvenated, brighter.

Manifestations of aging skin are wrinkles, large pores, less smooth, dark pigmentation ... often appear at the age of 25 and older. To shrink pores at this age requires treatment from the root, which is the skin aging condition.

Kill death celk

Natural ingredients to exfoliate are both economical and help to nourish healthy and beautiful skin and bring long-term effects.
Honey is a good remover of dead cells.

You can use a little honey on your face to effectively remove dead cells. Besides, you can combine honey with sugar and green tea to form an exfoliating mixture for the skin. Mix one teaspoon of green tea, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of sugar. Then, apply to the face and massage for about 3 minutes to get clean, smooth skin.

Apply a mask to the skin

Collagen and mineral mud masks have the effect of exfoliating dead cells, while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells, limiting the skin aging process.

Day and night skincare

Using a set of skin care products day and night will help prevent the aging process thoroughly, stimulate cell regeneration so that the skin is always youthful and radiant.

In 28 days can reduce two-thirds of wrinkles on the skin. The aging skin care set: Relaxaderm & Relaxaderm Advance of Skin Doctors cosmetics has been trusted by many customers with this use.

Relaxaderm & Relaxaderm Advance for day and night has the effect of increasing collagen to help connect tissues, creating elasticity for the skin, achieving high efficiency in the process of restoring and regenerating youthful skin. At the same time, this method clears large pores for aging skin. Just 2 simple care steps for morning and evening, after a short time you have the beautiful skin you want.

Skin rejuvenation food

You need to add some of the following foods to your body to help your skin stay young:
Chocolate: According to some studies, chocolate can balance mood, avoid stress and contain antioxidants, which are effective in rejuvenating the skin. Reducing stress, feeling relaxed is a good method to help balance in life and keep a long-term youthful appearance. However, do not abuse eating too much chocolate can cause unwanted side effects.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables are rich in vitamin A and potassium that make the skin radiant. Dark green vegetables contain antioxidants that help the skin avoid wrinkles, beautify and prevent skin cancer.

Tea is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and reverse signs of aging.

Do exercise

In addition to taking care of your skin and adding nutrients to your body, you should exercise every day. Because regular exercise increases blood circulation, burns excess fat accumulated in the body, helps promote health and inhibits the development of the aging process.

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