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Skip the following 7 dieting ways if you don't want to gain weight steadily

Dieting requires a suitable method and your perseverance and efforts. However, just a few mistakes are enough to affect or even destroy the process and results of weight loss.


1. Consuming too many or too few calories

Cutting calories is essential for weight loss, however, each person's need to reduce calories is different, making it difficult to adjust the diet. Plus, we often tend to either underestimate the calories of the things we eat or over-diet. This will lead to the problem of consuming too many or too few calories.

Eating too many calories can prevent weight loss, so in addition to understanding foods that are rich or low in calories, you also need to balance the amount you use. On the other hand, too few calories will also affect weight loss because it easily causes hunger, interferes with metabolism, reduces muscle mass and especially creates a feeling of depression or overeating. much to make up for. Therefore, if you want to diet effectively and lose weight safely, you should pay attention and learn how to calculate and adjust calories to suit yourself.

2. Choose only low-fat or diet foods

Not often, when it comes to weight loss diets, low-fat foods and diets are said to be the best options. But in fact, you can completely get the opposite effect that is gaining weight. This is because many low-fat, diet foods are added with added sugars to improve taste, they also have the potential to make you feel hungry and eat more leading to an increase in calorie intake. So, choose carefully or use foods that are nutritious but properly prepared.

3. Not eating enough protein

Getting enough protein is really important for weight loss, so if your diet is lacking in them, try to improve immediately. Protein has been shown to increase satiety, reduce appetite, and thereby limit unwanted calorie intake. It also boosts metabolic rate while preserving muscle mass during weight loss. So, to maximize efficiency, make sure each of your meals includes a protein-rich food.

4. Not eating enough fiber

All your efforts to diet and lose weight may not go as planned because you don't get enough fiber for your body. This comes from 2 reasons. First, foods containing soluble fiber can control cravings by creating a water-retaining gel that creates a feeling of fullness. Second, with a high fiber content, less of the other foods in the meal are absorbed. As such, skipping fiber means you're giving yourself away with an effective weight loss promoter.


5. Eat often, even if you're not hungry

Often, you will find advice to split meals during weight loss to control food intake easily while limiting feelings of hunger. However, if applied incorrectly, it can even cause you to consume more calories or fall into a state of uncontrolled eating even when you don't need it. Therefore, the key to fast and effective weight loss is to eat only when you feel hungry.

6. Don't track your diet

Many people try to follow strict diets but do not understand the amount of calories or fiber, protein ... that they put into their body. This is extremely unprofitable because everyone's norms are different, not understanding what you are doing or applying the same formula will only make it more difficult for the weight loss process as well as the results. Learning to recognize high/low calorie foods, control intake… are the basics of dieting. However, if you find it difficult, you can ask for the help of online tracking and calculation tools.

7. Drink fruit juice

Cutting back, eliminating sugary drinks from your diet is a good step towards weight loss. However, if you continue to drink fruit juice, it is not a good idea. Fruit juices are also high in sugar and can cause the same health and weight problems as sugary drinks. Liquid calories also can't affect appetite the way some solid foods do, and they can even cause the body to consume more calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight effectively, you should also put them on the list of foods to limit.

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