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Tell you 3 ingredients in the cream to help dry skin become smooth

Dry skin can be caused by any number of causes, aging, using the wrong ingredients in your daily skin care products, having an underlying skin condition, and even showering with hard water.


Moisturizing serum ingredients for dry, aging skin


Retinol is a fix-all solution and anyone with any skin condition at any age can greatly benefit from it. However, beware: While the skin is getting used to the retinol for those who are just starting out, the skin can get worse, with dryness before it gets better. People who are just starting to use retinol may experience very dry skin as a side effect. This side effect is not permanent. Retinol isn't just for anti-aging, when used correctly and in the right doses, it can help with a number of skin problems.

In general, retinol will continuously help stimulate collagen production, new blood vessels in the skin, and enhance skin care absorption. Retinol is one of those rare ingredients that you can benefit from even if you've been using it for the past 20 years.


Niacinamide works directly to rebuild and maintain the skin's protective barrier. After the age of 29, our skin aging process begins and as part of the aging process, along with environmental factors, the skin barrier will begin to break down. Once the protective barrier is broken, the skin becomes more susceptible to damage as well as water loss through the epidermis, causing dryness. The key to anti-aging is preventing transepidermal water loss.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a humectant, which means it acts as a water binder. In fact, HA can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water in the skin, creating a youthful and smooth effect. However, it's important to know that hyaluronic acid supplements should not be taken without using retinol. The reason is that 95% of HA sold (especially non-medical grade HA) is not made of any kind of biodegradable science, technology or formulation where the HA molecules are small enough. to get into the deeper layers of the skin. it changes the dynamics of the skin.

Essentially, those HA products are very temporary and won't change skin health. However, there are currently a number of medical-grade HA products available that have proprietary technologies and formulations. Not only are they able to create an immediate smoothing effect on the skin, but they are also able to regulate and stimulate the inside of the skin at the cellular level.

Tips When Using Serums On Dry, Aging Skin

When applying HA, make sure your skin is still moist

HA has a water-binding function but normally we don't have water molecules just lying on the surface. So, what happens? It begins to draw water molecules from within the skin to bind. However, when it comes to the water inside the skin, it's the real thing about hydrating and plumping the skin. To draw water out of the skin, we introduce a new problem of transepidermal water loss. It is important to stay hydrated. So you just need to moisten your face before applying HA.

Prioritize HA for medical use

You should buy medical grade skin care products as they have been scientifically proven and proven to be able to solve skin problems. Experts in the field know the actual dosage and active ingredients contained in the products as they are supported by ongoing laboratory studies.

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