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The reasons why you wear a mask that does not bring the desired skin care effect

Beauty is a multi-step process, including the use of face masks, but it is not always effective. Today, Beauty Class will list some basic reasons why applying a mask does not bring results, it is difficult for you to "touch" to own the perfect skin as you want.

Use only 1 type of mask

According to skin care expert Narae Kim - founder of Artifact Skin Company, this is the biggest mistake more than 90% of people make: “Our skin changes a lot depending on mood, climate and many other factors. other factors, so it is not advisable to use only one type of mask.”

Each area of ​​the skin on the face has different properties and sensitivities. Therefore, you should not use only one type of mask.

Do a 2-step mask with 2 types of exfoliating masks and then rehydrating masks. The first type helps to remove dead cells, dirt, toxins deep in the pores; Type 2 provides water, balances skin moisture.

Choose the wrong mask

It is no coincidence that scientists research and produce many types of masks. Each type caters specifically to each skin type, which can be a "paradise" for sensitive skin but a "hell" for dry skin.

Using the wrong type of mask makes the skin suffer a lot of damage, causing dryness and aging faster. Therefore, the first thing you have to know is what skin you have and then choose the right mask.

Apply mask with fingers

Many people think that applying a mask with fingers will be more effective because the skin of the hands is soft but strong enough for the substances to penetrate deep into the pores. But do you ensure that they are clean enough, do not contain harmful bacteria, and do not cause oil secretion to clog pores?

Many people still have the habit of using their hands to spread masks on their face, thinking that they will bring better skin care effects than using a brush.

The best solution is to use a specialized brush to spread the mask evenly on the skin, and at the same time help bring about a uniform cleansing effect on each area of ​​the face.

Wearing a mask for too long

What is done in moderation is most effective. The longer the mask is on, the more nutrients will penetrate the skin. Specifically, clay masks or masks with bleaching properties can cause serious damage when they dry, the skin is not only not cleaned but also becomes dry, worse.

The best solution is that you adhere to the time printed on the packaging of each mask, rinse thoroughly with warm water to make sure there are no "clay pieces" left entangled and harmful to your skin.

Fully perform skin care steps but forget to protect

You have spent a lot of time and effort to take care of it, but you forgot to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, polluted environmental factors; The result is skin that remains dull, shiny and lifeless. Sunscreen is an important step in protecting the results of your skin care.

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