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The secret to helping her always shine without makeup

You are still beautiful and attractive with the simple secret of not having to wear much makeup.

Use moisturizer

This keeps your skin moisturized whether you wear makeup or not. You can use your regular moisturizer and gently apply it to your skin.

For lip moisturizer, you can use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only a gentle makeup remover but it can also be used as a lip balm. Coconut oil also helps moisturize your lips and heal chapped lips, while making your lips more radiant and fresh.


Choose the right moisturizer

Many moisturizers can irritate the skin and make it even more oily. An ideal moisturizer will leave skin smooth and radiant without being too shiny or too oily.

Brush your eyebrows neatly

Eyebrows can shape the face, making the face more neat. You can use an eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows to make them neat. If the eyebrows are too thick, trim them with a special tool.

Enhancing the eyes

A beautiful eyes are very important, when not wearing makeup, women's eyes often have a lack of vitality with dark eye circles.

With eyelashes, you can go to the salon to curl your eyelashes to keep them long, or choose the method of eyelash extensions to make your eyes more dreamy.


To overcome dark circles, review your diet, supplement with iron and vitamin B found in red meats. In addition, eye cream containing retinol is also an effective way to reduce dark circles.

Take care of your hair

If you want to regularly leave your face bare, you need to groom your hair to be more neat and tidy. At the same time spray more moisturizing solution to make hair soft, shiny and bright.

Never let your hair be oily or dry because it will make your appearance seriously lose points. Incubate your hair every week, use essential oils specifically for hair restoration, and keep your hair away from heat or chemical styling machines.

Make teeth whiter

It is advisable to keep flossing daily because they remove plaque on the teeth, especially the interdental lines where stains and food easily stick. In addition, you can use baking soda to brush your teeth once a week, helping to whiten teeth quickly, effectively and safely.

nail polish

Before applying nail polish, you need to remove the excess skin around the nail, and you can choose the lipstick color you like: nude or transparent watercolor brings a gentle, natural beauty, while other colors hot and bright like dark green, green, red, orange ... helps to distract the attention of the opposite person on the pretty hand instead of the bare face.

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