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Tips to deal with puffy face after waking up, help her look radiant

5 simple suggestions below will definitely be a great suggestion for her to solve her swollen and tired face.

Face massage

Gently massage your face from the inside out starting at the top of the forehead, the area around the eyes and then towards the jaw. Don't forget to focus on the part behind the ears, along the jawline, neck and collarbone where many lymph glands are located. You can use a nourishing oil or combine with a mask when massaging your face to make your face more radiant.

Cupping for the face

"Face cupping" by using the suction power of specialized elastic silicone cups to increase blood circulation and stimulate facial skin cells to increase collagen production. Copper beautifies thanks to its ability to support skin lightening as well as firming chin, jaw and reducing puffiness.

The suction power of the silicone cup also works to push toxins and dirt deep out of your skin. And like that, the skin will become fresher, healthier. In an upward and outward direction, following the natural contours of the face, gently squeeze the cup while moving them back and forth across the face to create stimulation.

Use cold heat to reduce swelling

We all know that cold heat causes muscles to contract, creating a lifting and elastic effect that helps reduce swelling. Using ice or applying a cooled mask or chilled cucumber has long been popular.


They are thoroughly applied by beauty believers to soothe inflammation, tighten pores, limit the overproduction of sebum, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Ice also helps to wake up and invigorate the skin as a great way to start the day.

Adjust your sleeping position

Sleeping position can also be an important factor in frequent water retention.

Sleeping with your head higher than your entire body and avoiding the prone position will help you avoid a swollen face when you wake up in the morning. Investing in a quality pillow is not only the key to a good night's sleep, but it also helps prevent wrinkles from forming as well as improve puffiness.


Reducing salt in the daily diet and building a healthy diet that combines green vegetables, fruits and vegetables is a familiar advice from nutritionists to get a healthy body. Beautiful, smooth skin.

In addition, moisture is also a keyword that you need to pay attention to if you want to prevent facial swelling more effectively. Drinking water not only replenishes moisture in the body but also helps neutralize free radicals - agents that destroy cells and accelerate aging. In particular, you should drink a lot of filtered water instead of soft drinks, milk tea to easily control the amount of sugar in the body.

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