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Tips to eat at night without worrying about gaining weight

Eating late at night is not beneficial for weight loss, but in some cases, you cannot skip this late meal. The best way is to choose the right foods to ensure energy without causing weight gain.



Carrots contain a large amount of vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K, calcium, healthy fiber and help promote metabolism, helping to lose weight fast. Boil a carrot, cut it into small pieces and enjoy, you will no longer feel hungry. In addition, carrots are also a very beneficial food for the skin thanks to their large amount of antioxidants.



The fiber content in celery is quite high. Chewing celery requires 8 calories of heat, digesting it in the stomach requires an additional 5 calories. Thus, the energy required to consume the celery plant you eat is higher than the amount of energy you absorb into the body, that's why it is said that celery "eats more and thinner".

In addition, celery is especially effective in helping the face become slimmer.



Researchers at the University of Texas, USA have found that a component in blueberries can reduce the cells that form adipose tissue and fight the formation of new fat cells. Research shows that if taken in large doses, the polyphenols found in blueberries can help reduce the number of fat-forming cells in the body by up to 73%, and if taken in small doses, the polyphenol component also helps reduce 27 % cells causing obesity.

Blueberries are very effective in reducing belly fat.



A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity (IJO) found that eating about 85 grams of almonds per day reduced body mass index (BMI). Almonds contain a lot of alpha-linolenic acid, which stimulates the metabolism of excess fat.

Almonds contain high levels of fiber, protein and good fats that reduce cravings. For the best results, every day should eat about 12 almonds without a strict diet.

Supermodel Heidi Klum often chooses almonds for snacks to maintain her perfect figure.

Sugar-free, low-fat yogurt


Yogurt helps to quickly reduce hunger. Unsweetened, low-fat yogurt contains only about 120 calories but contains up to 8-13g of protein. As a result, yogurt both helps to fill an empty stomach and promotes energy expenditure.



If you can't give up your favorite cheese, use this trick to reduce your calorie intake. Use a cheese grater before serving. Moreover, experts recommend choosing a planer with very small holes to fool the brain. Grated cheese will feel like a lot of cheese has been eaten when in reality, it's just a thin slice of cheese. Mix cottage cheese with blueberries or almonds, and you'll have a healthy and weighty snack no matter the time of day.

Boiled eggs


Eggs are very close foods in our daily lives. And science has proven that eating boiled eggs reduces the feeling of hunger, making the body less food than usual, this also means that boiled eggs help you lose weight. Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fats while being low in calories, helping you feel fuller for longer without causing weight gain.

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