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Tips to protect skin from heat radiation for office workers with just food

Working at the office with a computer for long hours is one of the causes of rapid skin aging. Thermal radiation from electronic devices causes them to become black, dry, and significantly reduced visual function. Please add the following foods to provide energy to protect your skin and body health.

Uses of green tea

Many scientific studies have proven that green tea has an antioxidant effect, reversing the aging process thoroughly thanks to polyphenol compounds and lipopolysaccharides. 1 cup of green tea a day will help strengthen the skin's resistance against heat radiation from electronic devices, UVA rays and other harmful agents. Your body is purified and thermally balanced every day; Moreover, it helps dispel fatigue, mental alertness and better concentration, higher working efficiency.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful UV and heat radiation.


It is no coincidence that nutritionists recommend drinking at least 2.5 liters of water per day. Water has the effect of purifying scum, toxins and bad fats out, helping the body to be gentle, creating the best conditions for those who need to lose fat and lose weight.

Thermal radiation causes many water molecules to "evaporate" causing the skin to become dry and flaky due to many dead cells, this time the water helps the skin stay soft and moist, balances body temperature, and soothes nerve pain. due to overwork.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Many people know that fruits and vegetables are very good for health, but because they are too busy to prepare their own food, they just have to have a box of rice with a few wilted vegetables to pass the meal. There are even many people who only eat sweet bread or a few miscellaneous things, the more hungry the body, the more sweets they desire, but they are "best friends" with the aging process.

Try to add enough green vegetables and fresh fruits to your daily meals in all forms. The source of vitamin C they bring helps to maintain a youthful state, enhance whitening pigments, and keep the skin full of vitality.

Black sesame


You can process black sesame into many different dishes to add nutrients to the skin and body.

This is a food that from Eastern medicine to Western medicine all praise, many functions help the kidneys to purify all wastes, radioactive substances, heat radiation out of the body, repel free radicals inside cells. . Black sesame is an ideal food for office workers because it also helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful from the inside out.


Honey participates in the antioxidant process, promotes natural collagen production, strengthens the ability of cells to connect, the skin is not only white and pink but increasingly firm and elastic.

1 glass of honey lemon will provide clean energy, improve digestive function, feel full for a long time and work for a longer time without feeling hungry.

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