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To own clear and healthy skin, Japanese women always adhere to these 5 basic principles

The secret of Japanese women lies in the delicate coordination between the use of cosmetics and healthy living habits.

Use matcha

Matcha (powder from Tencha tea leaves) has become an integral part of the cherry blossom people's lifestyle. With a pleasant scent, mild bitterness and light taste, matcha brings many unexpected benefits to health, especially to the skin.

Matcha with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant capacity 20 times higher than vitamin E, helps heal wounds, soothes sun-damaged skin, and prevents the development of free radicals. . Japanese women also apply directly to the skin products formulated from matcha.

Supplementing probiotics for the gut

The Japanese understand that to have beautiful skin, you must have a healthy gut, so they consider probiotics an important part of their daily diet. Probiotics found in fermented foods and drinks such as kombucha can help balance the body's pH levels, prevent inflammatory skin diseases, and aid in the treatment of acne. In addition, probiotics also have the effect of eliminating toxins, improving skin elasticity and texture.

Apply lotion mask to stretch skin

Japanese women prefer simple but effective skincare routines, such as the lotion mask method.

After cleansing the skin, use a cotton pad soaked in liquid lotion to apply all over the face. After only about 3 minutes of applying the mask, the skin is provided with deep moisture, hydrated, full of vitality. Many Japanese women only use facial oil to lock in moisture after applying a lotion mask without adding any other moisturizer.

Apply gel sunscreen

Gel sunscreen products have a liquid, thin, light texture, so they absorb quickly and do not clog the skin surface, especially suitable for hot and humid Asian climates. If oily skin is prone to acne, surely Japanese gel sunscreens will be the ideal choice for you.

Natural foundation

The concept of flawless skin for Japanese women does not mean flawless skin with full coverage foundation, but they prefer healthy looking skin.

To achieve this, in addition to the above thorough skin and body care routine, the cherry blossom girls always pursue a simple makeup style and choose for themselves the lightest, most skin-friendly foundation product. maybe.

Moreover, that foundation must meet factors such as moderate concealer and provide a pure natural foundation as if it were a second skin.

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