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What is the most effective way to prevent cosmetic allergies?

The secret to preventing allergies when using cosmetics for radiant, smooth and naturally radiant skin.

Cosmetics are very necessary for every woman, helping to enhance their grandmother, remove unnecessary blemishes, so that they are always young and beautiful. Although good, but cosmetics is a double-edged sword, if cosmetics are not of good quality or suitable for the skin, it will cause allergies, acne, itchy papules, redness, melasma, eczema, cystitis hair.

As our grandparents have said "prevention is better than cure", so to avoid the harmful effects of cosmetic allergies, you need to be careful when using and be a wise consumer.


► Choose quality cosmetics

To ensure safety for your health, you should only choose to buy quality products of famous brands, which have been certified by competent authorities for safety. It is best to use products with ingredients extracted from natural ingredients, friendly to people and the environment.

► Try it on when using new cosmetics

Before using a new skin care cosmetic, you should test a little on the skin for 24 hours, to see if there is any reaction to the skin, if not, then use it. This way helps you avoid the unfortunate consequences of cosmetic allergies.

► Store well after use


After use, you should store cosmetics carefully, keep it in the shade, avoid sunlight and high temperature. Light and heat can kill the bacteria-fighting preservatives in cosmetics. At the same time, close the lid carefully, regularly clean the beauty tools, avoid letting air or dirt get in, causing the cream to lose its effect and possibly cause harm.

► Follow the instructions for use correctly

Always read product labels carefully and use cosmetics as directed by the manufacturer. If you see any of the above symptoms, stop using that cosmetic immediately. If symptoms do not go away but tend to get worse, you should see your doctor, and contact the manufacturer.

► Regular cleaning of makeup tools

Makeup kits if not cleaned regularly will allow bacteria to multiply and grow, which is harmful to the skin and can cause skin irritation. Therefore, once a week, wash the cotton pads and makeup brushes to keep them clean.

► Do not use expired cosmetics

When cosmetics expire, the ingredients in cosmetics will be broken down and turned into some impurities that cause damage to the skin. Therefore, do not regret using it, not only is it ineffective but also causes skin irritation.

► Avoid overusing cosmetics

The best advice for women is to only choose cosmetics of a brand that is suitable for their skin, avoid abuse, using too many cosmetics at the same time will easily lead to chemical reactions on the skin. This is one of the causes of skin irritation.

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