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Why when we have a lover, we gain weight rapidly

Many couples constantly wonder why when they have a lover, they gain weight rapidly?


There's no more time

When you are single, you certainly have a lot of time to go to the gym every day or pay attention to the weight and calories in each meal. But after having a lover, your life is busier than ever. This is meeting friends, going out, spending time alone together. And then when you finally get home, you just roll on the couch and watch TV or even go straight to bed.

No longer care about looks

When you are single, you often invest in your appearance like keeping your "waist" or going to the gym to work out your "muscles". It gives you confidence when going out to communicate with people in the hope of finding your favorite "object". When you have a lover, you are more comfortable and also care less about your appearance because you no longer have to "cheat" or impress anyone. You will be less strict with yourself in eating and thereby gain weight rapidly.

Must go eat together

When in the dating phase, sometimes there are only a few options for you and your partner of which the safest and healthiest is just eating out together. So the two of them eat together, discover new places, eat together and, of course, get fat together. The irony is that there are some cases where you "grow out" a lot while your lover's weight remains the same even though you both always eat together.

Happiness should eat a lot

Do you know that when you are too happy, too happy, you don't seem to care much about your surroundings and no matter how much you eat, you won't feel full. Couples in love, especially newly in love, are often happy in the atmosphere of overwhelming love, so it is also easy to "overwhelm" with food. This is the biggest difference between being in love and being in love. One side is pale, sad "can't eat", the other side is happy, loving life, eating anything is delicious.

Someone is worried

If you are single, your eating and sleeping habits are sometimes extremely "arbitrary", sometimes staying up until morning or fasting, skipping meals because of busyness. However, after having a lover, you automatically have an additional "little daddy" or "little cheek" who is always beside you to remind, eat, and sleep on time. Also thanks to the help of your lover, you have improved your "beauty" as well as your weight quite significantly.

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