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With just these 3 simple ingredients, you will immediately have soft, acne-free skin after 1 night

With easy-to-find ingredients, let's read and apply a simple home sauna.

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, slows down the aging process of the skin, helps the skin to rejuvenate, always keeps a youthful, radiant look. The minerals in green tea help to prevent bacteria from causing acne.

The steam will help the essences in green tea, lemon and ginger penetrate into the skin, making the skin healthier and more beautiful. Steaming with this formula helps open pores, pushing away dirt and acne from the inside out.

The natural acid in lemon helps to fight skin inflammation, reduce swelling, and kill acne-causing bacteria. The rich source of vitamin C in lemon helps to nourish the skin, treat melasma, dark spots and increase skin brightness.

Fresh ginger helps to treat acne scars effectively. Firms, tightens the skin, thereby eliminating wrinkles caused by aging extremely effectively.


- 100g fresh green tea leaves

- 1 sliced ​​lemon

- 1 crushed ginger

- 1 pot of purified water


Step 1: Put the pot of water on the stove, wait until it boils, then add green tea leaves, ginger, and fresh lemon one by one. You should crush the tea leaves before putting them in the pot to release more essential oils. Wait for about 15 minutes to boil, then lift it down and start steaming your face.

Step 2: Before you steam your face, you should clean your face so that the surface of your face is clear.

Step 3 : When you first start steaming, you should not bring your face too close to the pot of water or come too close suddenly, it is easy to burn due to the steam being too hot.


Step 4 : After getting used to the temperature of the steam, you should use a large towel to cover, so that the essence in the steam does not escape, but prolongs the time of steaming your face.

Step 5: Steam for 7-8 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water, it is best to use ice water to heat the skin to make the pores close.

Step 6: After facial steaming, the skin will be soft, the pores will expand, this is the most favorable time to get the acne kernel. Remember that acne removal tools must be thoroughly cleaned.

Step 7: You can also apply a mask after steaming your face, this is the time when the skin absorbs the substance the fastest. Use a cooled mask to close your pores.


- You can add lemongrass, lemongrass also has anti-inflammatory effects, preventing acne very well.

- You have to cook for a certain time, long enough for the ingredients to release essential oils.

- Use a towel large enough, enough coverage so that the steam does not escape to reduce the effectiveness.

- Because the temperature of the facial water is very hot, it is necessary to choose a suitable location, avoid letting children or someone play around.

When you steam your face, you need to relax and breathe evenly. You can listen to some music to relax while in the sauna.

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