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4 lovely hairstyles for shoulder length hair to give her a feminine look

With the advantage of waist-length hair, she can take advantage of many new and stylish hairstyles.

For women with shoulder-length hair, sometimes they just want to cut their hair to make it airy and compact. If you don't cut it short, you'll just tie it up all day in the spirit of being as concise as possible. But in fact, there are long neat hairstyles that she can completely solve this entangled situation. Check out the suggestions below!

Half tied hair

The half bun / ponytail is suitable for all hair lengths. You can change the way of bun or tie with very simple ideas such as: Half bulge column, combined with turban or accessories to make the hairstyle more eye-catching. Although the half ponytail still leaves the hair loose in the back, compared to letting the hair down, this style is still much cooler and airy. More than that, half-tied hair is also a type of "embodiment" for the femininity and grace of women.

Compared to letting the entire hair loose, this style still looks personality. More than that, half-tied hair is also a type of "embodiment" for the femininity and grace of women.

Hair tufts

High bun hair always scores with women because of its neatness, elegance and elegance. With the weather like summer, high bun is the optimal solution to create a youthful, dynamic or aristocratic appearance. You can add a few gentle, natural falling hairs to increase femininity.


Ponytails are not only neaten all messy, entangled hair, but ponytails are trendy hairstyles that are easy to see at fashion catwalks, and also appear in the list of beauty trends in focus through many five. There are two types of ponytails, low and high, but in the hot summer, a high tie will win more sympathy from women, and in winter, a little lower is perfect. Just to help the nape of the neck cool, while limiting the hair touching the back causing discomfort, the ponytail is really a style worth trying.

Braided hair

Always scoring points for their charm, femininity and fragility, braided hairstyles not only help you neatly fix your hair but also create more style. With a variety of braided hairstyles, you can freely choose the one that matches your outfit and makeup. Both personality but also feminine, braided hair is the ideal style for year-end parties.

High side braid hairstyle for active and healthy girls. Or if you want to refresh your look, this will also be a way.

With the advantage of waist length, she can take advantage of many new and stylish hairstyles.

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