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4 moves to kill belly fat to help slim legs for the lazy team members

Spend 8 minutes a day doing these 4 movements, after a short time you will see a clear change in the abdomen and thighs.

Beautiful slim legs are always a goal that girls constantly pursue. The Japanese coach (YouTube channel @MuscleWatching) guides the girls with 4 movements focusing on the legs, thighs and lower abdomen specifically for lazy girls.

First, start by lying flat on a yoga mat, lying so that your hips touch the ground, glue your lower back to the floor, hands down. Breathe deeply and evenly for 3 breaths. Then there are 4 exercises specifically for your legs and lower abs. The change of waist and belly fat after maintaining these 4 movements. This is a great motivation for women to work hard every day.

You do not need to change positions too much, still affecting the muscle group in the abdomen and helping to slim the thighs. When exercising, you mainly use your abdominal muscles to keep your legs upright, so that the excess fat in the abdomen is burned, the muscles develop more, and the lower abdomen gradually becomes slimmer.

1. Lie on your back with legs apart: Do it for 60 seconds

Use your abs to raise your legs perpendicular to the floor. Then start to separate the legs to the sides, pay attention to while practicing while breathing evenly. Do this move for 60 seconds. It's as simple as that, but at first, it will be quite tiring, the movement directly affects the lower abs and thighs, so you should pay attention to maintain it regularly every day.

2. Lie on your back with separate legs: Do it for 60 seconds

Do not separate the legs on both sides, but do it one by one: 30 seconds on the left and 30 seconds on the right. Keeping one leg fixed, the other leg apart, you can do 30 seconds on each side or split 60 seconds into 4 exercises, twice on each side.

3. Lie on your back with legs: Do it for 60 seconds

The third move is almost the same as movement 1, but a little different is the left - right tilt evenly on one side. Pay attention when tilting your legs, you need to stick your back and hips to the floor. 

4. Lie on your back with your legs crossed: Do it for 60 seconds

Finally, the cross-legged movement. Similar to the above 3 movements, the last move still keeps the legs perpendicular to the floor but does not tilt or separate the legs but cross the legs together. All 4 movements have a direct impact on the abdominal muscles and thighs, so during the exercise you will feel tired and quite tense in these two parts.

After practicing these 4 movements, you return to practice 1 more round. 8 minutes a day for toned abs and slim thighs.

Nothing is natural but beautiful, you need to have a process of exercise effort to get the physique and curves you want. Let's build up the spirit of practice with the exercises of the Japanese coach above. 

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