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5 common mistakes made after rhinoplasty are easy to cause complications, lost money

Experts point out common mistakes and warn to avoid doing it because it can easily cause complications.

Rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic procedure in Asian countries. Owning a delicate nose will help the whole beauty be more harmonious and luxurious.

However, many women after beautifying had to "swallow bitter fruit" when they had a deviated, inflamed, even necrotic nose. One of the reasons for this is the aftercare regimen.

According to experts, to have a beautiful nose after lifting, post-operative care is extremely important. Here are the common mistakes, warnings to avoid doing because they can easily cause complications.

Touch and move the nose vigorously

Many people have a habit of touching with their hands, or not abstinence, but immediately playing sports, running, leading to nose damage. After lifting, the cartilage of the nose has not fully adapted and needs a period of time, so it will be very vulnerable. Therefore, women absolutely must not squeeze or scratch and avoid maximum impact on the entire nose shape.

Lying on your stomach while sleeping

The doctor advises that after lifting the nose, people absolutely do not lie on their face or side because it is easy to cause swelling, crooked nose shape. Instead, you should lie on your back and raise your head to protect the shape of your nose during sleep.

Using drugs not under the guidance of a specialist

For people after cosmetic surgery on the nose, arbitrarily using the drug is extremely taboo because it can affect the recovery process of the nose area. It is best to consult a doctor before taking the drug.

Drinks and foods are not good for the wound healing process

Foods that cause scarring such as chicken, water spinach, sticky rice ... or stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, hot spicy foods are the group you need to abstain completely in the first month after rhinoplasty.

Failure to follow-up on schedule

Because of busy work or for some other reason, many of you do not follow up with scheduled appointments. This makes it difficult for doctors to know if your nose is stable or not.

If you want the rhinoplasty surgery to be successful, as well as keep the beautiful nose "in spite of time", you need to learn carefully about the shape of the nose, the rhinoplasty cartilage material, the implementation facility.

After choosing the shape of the nose, please share with your doctor for further advice on the final result. In addition, choosing an experienced doctor also helps you have a beautiful and safe nose shape. If these two issues are not ensured, the consequences will be unpredictable.

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