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If you want healthy hair, don't do these things while your hair is still wet

Hair care is extremely sophisticated, but everything will be very simple if you follow some of the following principles.

Hair is formed by protein keratin, which covers a thin layer of the cuticle. As soon as it penetrates the hair, the water molecules begin to penetrate the gaps, are absorbed and cause the hair to expand and deform the cuticle. The hair will shrink during the drying process. However, because the cuticle is deformed, the hair becomes frizzy, brittle, and easily damaged. To avoid further damage to your hair, be sure not to do the following with wet hair.

Do not let your hair get wet for a long time

The longer you let your hair stay wet, the more damage your hair will be. You should not let your hair dry naturally and should dry your hair after washing it. Pay attention not to go to bed while your hair is still wet, because the hair rubbing against the pillow in the state of the cuticle is blooming will be very vulnerable.

Do not brush your hair from root to tip

Do not use a comb to comb, but first untangle with your fingers. This way you will minimize the risk of damage to your hair. You should also note that when choosing a hairbrush, you should also choose a wide-tooth comb and always brush slowly in each segment: brush under the ends, after each brushing, gradually advance to the root.

Do not tie wet hair into a high ponytail

When wet, the hair cuticle expands, making the hair brittle. If you often tie your hair when wet, it will make your hair prone to breakage. So always dry your hair before tying. Should choose hair ties and hair clips with soft materials to avoid damage to the hair.

Don't style your hair when it's wet

Wet hair is very susceptible to damage, so it is natural that you style your hair when wet, making it easy to fall out. High temperature and exposure for many hours will have an extremely bad effect on the hair.

You should apply hair restoration methods when doing chemicals at the hair salon, as well as keep a reasonable time gap between each hairdo.

Wet hair tie

When wet, the elasticity of the hair is at its maximum, so a bun or ponytail when wet can make hair more prone to breakage. This can make hair frizzy and dry. Moreover, tying hair when wet causes the scalp not to have enough air, thereby easily causing scalp irritation or eczema. Ideally, you should leave your hair natural until it is completely dry.

Use the right hair care products

You should provide nutrition to your hair by applying specialized hair products. However, you need to choose the right product for your hair type. Pay special attention when drying your hair, so it should be combined with a conditioner to avoid making your hair dry and frizzy.

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