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If you want to have beautiful skin, you must keep the following things in mind when applying a mask

Pin these things right away when applying a mask to help the product promote its beauty benefits.

Sheet masks are made of paper, cotton or non-woven fabric, soaked in a clear gel solution or milky white liquid containing many nutrients, extracted from natural ingredients that have good effects on the skin.

Moreover, paper masks also bring many outstanding effects to help increase moisture, nourish healthy skin, deep clean pores, tighten pores, reverse dark spots, moisturize and help skin tighten. firmer, smoother. Regardless of the type, the paper mask also offers countless outstanding advantages such as ease of use, convenience, not much time to clean and relatively cheap price.

What type of mask helps to supplement intensive nutrients?

Sheet masks are inherently rich in essence, so you only need to use 1 to 2 times per week. However, if you sometimes want to change the color of your life, or want to give your skin a bit of a party, then you can use foil masks instead of regular paper masks.

The foil layer of the mask will combine with the temperature on the skin to form a barrier to help the skin absorb nutrients and prevent the mask from evaporating and losing water.

How long should the mask be on?

The mask should be left on for about 15-20 minutes. If you leave the mask on the skin for longer, the skin cannot absorb any more, and the water in the mask also evaporates, causing the skin to lose water.

How to maximize the absorption of the essence of the mask?

Before applying the mask, you should steam to soften the skin, easy to absorb nutrients. After applying the mask, you should use extra moisturizer.

Before applying the mask, in addition to the usual facial cleansing, you should steam to soften the skin, open the pores, and easily absorb the nutrients from the mask.

And after applying the mask, you should gently massage so that the nutrients in the mask can be absorbed into the skin. Then, you use an additional moisturizer to limit the water on the skin from evaporating, causing dry skin.

Some people think that when the mask is done, the face has absorbed nutrients, after washing the face, it will lose the nutrients on the skin just applied, but this is a misconception.

Need to choose the right care mask for your skin type

Not all masks are suitable for all skin types, and that does not mean that all skin types are suitable for all masks.

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