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Natural makeup tips as clear as morning dew of Japanese girls make everyone fall in love

This makeup style impresses the beauty world by the gentle, elegant features that are very typical of the women of this country.

Focus on skin care

The first thing to keep your foundation looking natural is to take good care of your skin. For the Japanese, skin balance and hydration are two important skin care steps. This is also the secret to avoid the phenomenon of foundation being "mold".

Don't forget the primer step because this product smooths your skin and reduces visible pores. From there, the foundation on the skin will be extremely natural.

Natural background

When choosing a foundation, you need to choose a color that matches your skin tone. You should use just enough foundation and not too thick to emphasize the natural beauty of the skin. You can use a damp sponge to spread the cream to help the foundation look thinner.

Finally, do not forget to use concealer to cover dark circles or small wrinkles on the face. A small note is to apply concealer instead of rubbing because it will make it difficult for the cream to melt on the skin.

Apply blush

Minimalist Japanese makeup style focuses on highlighting the natural beauty available on the face. Instead of contouring powder, Japanese women often use blush for the cheekbones or under the eyes. The most commonly used cheek tones are pink or peach tones. In addition, you can also refer to "drunk" blush.


Different from the natural Korean makeup with horizontal eyebrows. The Japanese also focus on the type of eyebrow shape available. You can use a set of eyebrow pencils for a more natural and even color overall.

With eye color, most Japanese people will use light brown eye color to blend the eyelids and a little dark brown to highlight the upper and lower eyelid rims.

You can use a little pink eyeshadow to accentuate the corners of the eyes and create a “cherry blossom eye” effect. Besides, thick and curved eyelashes are also an indispensable part of natural Japanese makeup.

Choose lipstick

Lipstick colors like bright red and deep colors are rarely used in everyday makeup. You can choose nude lipsticks with gentle orange and pink tones to make your face look fresher. Besides, colored lip gloss is also a good choice to help you have a dreamy lips. In addition, lipstick will also make you look younger and more lovely.

Japanese women focus on naturalness, enhance the true beauty of the skin and simplify the makeup steps. If you are a busy girl who is not comfortable with sophisticated makeup, try this makeup once.

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