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Take a look at the harmful misunderstandings that make the hair more and more broken and tattered

Here are a series of common misunderstandings when taking care of hair that make hair dry, brittle, and broken.

Do not wash your hair every day

Many people often tell each other that they should not wash their hair every day because this will make the hair dry and brittle. But in fact, our scalp is like the body, each person needs a different care regimen.

Depending on yourself and your hair, you can build a suitable shampoo and hair care cycle. If you often go out exposed to many pollution factors, you should wash your hair daily to clean the scalp. However, you should note that you should choose a mild shampoo, which is prone to moisturizing and softening hair.

Use conditioner close to the hair roots

This will make the hair over-nourished and become more prone to shedding. In addition, the use of conditioner close to the hairline and scalp will make the scalp and hair easy to stick, quickly dirty, and produce dandruff. Therefore, when using conditioner, you should only apply it lightly to the ends of your hair and the hair shaft.

The more foam the shampoo creates, the better

Foaming shampoos often contain a lot of foaming agents and tend to make hair dry, damaged and more dandruff. Therefore, you should not only rely on the ability to foam to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of a shampoo.

Style and blow-dry your hair while it's wet for a long-lasting hold

When the hair is wet, the hair is very weak, the pores are enlarged, so the hair is more prone to breakage. You should avoid styling while still wet. Instead, you should dry your hair until it is 80% dry, with light moisture, and then start styling.

Blow-drying will damage your hair

Many people are often afraid of drying their hair because they think that drying their hair will make their hair dry and break quickly. In fact, just drying your hair properly, you can rest assured that your hair is both clean and healthy.

When drying your hair, you should note that you should choose a moderate temperature, avoid too high of heat and leave the dryer about 20cm away from your hair, and divide your hair into small curls and then dry each part, this will help dry hair evenly from the root. to the top. 

Use as many hair care products as possible

There are many types of hair care such as lotions, oils, serums, creams, masks... But don't rush to bring all these products home. Using too many hair care products will cause the hair to be piled up with nutrients, becoming thick, coarse and losing its natural smoothness. In addition, using too many products can also

Brush your head as much as possible

Many people believe that combing is not only to untangle hair, but also to stimulate blood circulation, making hair stronger. However, you should note that excessive brushing can also cause hair to be stretched, broken and frizzy.

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