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The stupid age hack is magical, but these 3 people absolutely should not be cut

The stupid roof is a great choice to help girls "hack age" effectively. However, these 3 people are not suitable for this hairstyle at all.

In Asian countries, bangs and bangs are loved and more popular than many other bangs, thanks to their ability to make the face look younger and more lovely in just a moment and help cover up. go with a big forehead or question points on the forehead... With so many advantages, it does not mean that this stupid bang will be suitable for everyone or suitable for all face types. If you have one of the following three characteristics, it is best to think carefully before deciding to have this bangs hairstyle.

1. Round face

Round faces are often rated very cute, it sounds very suitable for silly bangs, horizontal bangs are also cute, but in reality, they do not match well. Round faces usually will not have angular parts or delicate lines, so a round face will also become more stupid when the roof covers the forehead, the overall face becomes more mysterious. .

In case, you insist on still keeping the decision to choose horizontal bangs, you can refer to the sparse bangs style by trimming the bangs very thin, revealing a bit of the forehead, so that the face also becomes beautiful. looks more relaxed.

2. Low forehead

People with a low forehead, if they have stupid bangs, especially thick bangs, it will make the face less elegant. Not only that, on hot summer days, the sticky bangs will make you deduct quite a few elegant points. To "distract" the opposite person from the short forehead, you can refer to the long bangs, thin thin hair to hang in front of the forehead will be much more suitable.

In addition, for girls with low foreheads, to be able to hide blemishes and make the face appear longer, they will often blow-dry the bouncy curls to help the top of the head be higher, the sides of the forehead and the sides of the forehead. The cheeks will be covered and help the face look longer. Keeping the hair bouncy and light is the key to improving the beauty of short forehead girls.

3. Cheeks too high

People with high cheekbones will often have a somewhat cold face, look modern and have a slightly oriented face of European and American girls. If the girls have high cheekbones, but with silly bangs or horizontal bangs, it will make the opposite person's point of view focus more on sharp cheekbones, not on the beautiful details of your face. Therefore, if you have high cheekbones, you should choose feminine curly hairstyles, curls are curled in an S shape to create a soft, lyrical feeling for the face.

In the case of medium hair length, you can slightly curl and create volume. The side curls need to be trimmed and hugged to the facial bones, covering the cheekbones. In addition, slanted bangs or long wavy bangs are also good assistants to soften the cheekbones

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